Installation, operation, and maintenance services for hydroelectric power plants, and solutions for the power industry.

Electromechanical Assembly and Start Up

Currently O&M has the capacity to perform 100% of the electromechanical equipment assembly required for power plants, including:

  • Supervision and start up of hydroelectric power plants.
  • Assembly and installation of regulating valves.
  • Full assembly of turbines (including on-site installation of spiral cameras).
  • Full assembly of generators (stator, rotor, axle, excitation, etc).
  • Assembly of electrical BOP (including all wiring, connections, and the installation of control equipment and power panels).
  • Assembly of mechanical BOB (cooling equipment, lubrication pumps, pipelines).
  • Full assembly of substation and power transformers.
  • Assembly of fire prevention equipment and systems.
  • Assembly of gates and armour.
  • Advisory and supervisory services for electromechanical assembly.
Hydroelectric Power PlantCapacity
Xacbal94.000 kW
Palo Viejo80.000 kW
La Joya50.000 kW
Xacbal Delta57.000 kW

Operation and Maintenance Services

To maintain high quality standards, O&M plans all of its predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance management annually. In this way, we maintain complete control over maintenance management, ensuring optimal management for our customers and positively affecting the high yields that business owners expect.

We offer hydroelectric power plant operation and maintenance services, with the highest availability and reliability standards according to world class indicators (above 95%).
Hydroelectric Power PlantCapacityYears of Service
Doña Julia18.000 kW16 Años
El General40.000 kW6 Años
EEMSA3.900 kW14 Años
Platanar15.000 kW14 Años

Rehabilitation and Modernization

O&M works with Habermann brand electrical equipment for reservoir dredging, with an extraction capacity of:

This is an efficient system that is entirely environmentally friendly, as its energy source is electrical rather than diesel or gasoline. This avoids spills in the dredging zones which are, in some cases, drinking water supply sources for people or crops.

El General, Sarapiquí, Costa Rica
El Carmen, San Carlos, Costa Rica
La Estrella, Chiriquí, Panamá

Special Services

O&M Electrica Matamoros’s extensive maintenance experience has helped to implement special techniques (infrared thermography, mechanical vibrations, and alternator analysis) to analyze electromechanical equipment and to prevent any possible operational failures.

O&M has highly trained staff and excellent technical equipment to fulfill preventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance needs, and to implement improvements to a power plant or industry.

Hydroelectric Power PlantCapacityService
Los negros17.000 kWSupplying and installing new voltage regulators (including the complete assembly of new panels in the factory, disassembling the old panels, and installing new equipment on site).
Platanar15.000 kWPreventative, predictive, and corrective maintenance of the power plant. Major maintenance in both turbogroups. Vibration analysis and infrared thermography.
Xacbal94.000 kWDesign, construction, and assembly of the sounding line structure for all levels of the Xacbal hydroelectric power plant reservoir. Major maintenance.


  • Major maintenance
  • Mechanical vibration analysis
  • Thermographic inspection
  • Motor and alternator analysis (static and dynamic)
  • Electrical tests for transformers
  • Laser axle alignment
  • Measurement of pipeline thickness using automatic ultrasonic testing and SCADA


  • Thermographic camera
  • Vibration meter
  • MCEmax
  • Geomembrane welding machine